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Hello there,

And welcome to The Veggie Wanderer! My name is Stefanie and I’m the owner of this blog. I’m a German “expat” currently living in Sweden with my English boyfriend Adam. Our relationship is already a bit of a multinational undertaking, and we also try to explore new cultures and cuisines. Needless to say, our diet is a wonderful amalgamation of different influences and we love it! 

I’ve been vegetarian for most of my adult life. Since I am trying to cook as much vegan food as possible, I often find myself trying to turn traditional dishes into delicious, animal-free versions. I figured this blog would be the ideal place to share the results of my forays into veganising international recipes. On top of that, it serves as a motivation to cook even more vegan meals!

The Veggie Wanderer was originally started as a food & travel blog with a wild mix of topics – general travel tips, posts about our journeys, recipes and ideas on being a vegetarian traveller. While it was fun coming up with new ideas, I found that I was trying to cover too much ground. And to be frank, it is quite hard to keep a travel-related blog running when you’re too broke to travel frequently. After a few very quiet months, I decided to refocus on vegan recipes inspired by different cuisines, since I have a mild obsession with food anyway. Plus, now I still get to live out my wanderlust a little by exploring dishes from all over the world and turning them into vegan versions. Over time, I will add recipes from more regions and types, so stay tuned for more content!


The food philosophy for my recipes

All my recipes on here are free of animal products and thus suitable for vegans.

Whenever possible, I try to use local and seasonal produce.

I try to use affordable ingredients that are available in most places.

My dishes are usually made from scratch with natural ingredients. I’m not a fan of pre-prepared ingredients and use expensive meat replacements sparingly.

The Veggie Wanderer veggiewandering in Vilnius

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  • And as someone who has tasted Stefanie’s dishes I can confirm that they look fabulous and taste delicious. Fab blog Steffi, love it. xx

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