Hot Blackcurrant Juice

Ah, the Swedish winter months! It’s cold and snowy outside, so you snuggle up in your cozy IKEA-style apartment, drink tea and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. That sounds lovely, but let me paint you a more realistic picture: It’s late November and it starts getting dark at 3pm. Everything outside is either gray or brown, you haven’t seen the sun in a few days or weeks and you hardly remember what snow looks like. In fact, most days are a joyless haze of fog and drizzle that makes you crave a lot of chocolate and comfort food. The ominous feeling spreads that you’re part of a Nordic Noir story…

Okay, I admit this is maybe a bit exaggerated. The Scandinavian winter does have an effect on you though, and it’s important to stay active and get your Vitamin C and D. This is where I would like to introduce a Finnish magic potion to help you survive The Long Night: Hot blackcurrant juice. Yep, you read that right. A hot juice made from my favourite berry, and it’s full of vitamin C and has a wonderfully tart flavour. There are two main ways to make this warming deliciousness.

Hot Blackcurrant Juice

I’ll give you the lazy version first:

Step 1: Buy blackcurrant syrup.

Step 2: Add hot water and a slice of lemon.

The end.


This is the proper recipe for homemade hot blackcurrant juice:

1 cup blackcurrants (fresh or frozen)

2-3 cups water

1 tbsp sugar

slice of lemon

stick of cinnamon

Hot Blackcurrant Juice

Hot Blackcurrant Juice


Mix the blackcurrants, sugar and water and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Pass the juice through a sieve and into a mug or tea glass.

Add a cinnamon stick and lemon slice.


The juice will turn out quite thick and dark. If you prefer it a bit lighter, use more water or fewer berries. You can also experiment with the sugar: One tablespoon is not a lot, so your juice will be fairly sour. Just add more sugar or try another type of sweetener if you like. Wear thick socks and a scarf for maximum comfort while drinking it!

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